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Frequently Asked Questions
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What is meant by "online"?
Generally, we're "online" when connected (to the web for instance) 
and accessible; we're "offline" when not and are inaccessible. 
Yes: web, www, internet and online are used interchangably. 

What is meant by "click" or "left click"?
After positioning (your attention indicator within a viewed 
computer screen display) on an item of interest, which you
believe could be a connection to more info about that item, 
depress the left hand button on your mouse - given you have
one. If using a finger slide area, tap that area instead.
If pressing or tapping once does not activate a change, 
try pressing or tapping twice in rapid succession while 
atop the potential link.  

What is a "link"?
My brother thinks it's made from sausage and best when served hot, 
but in terms of the internet: it's a means of moving from one to 
another connected item. There are links which are: 
A. Live - when both connections are live and online, and you click 
   on a live link, your computer screen will show another part of 
   a page, in the same page or on a completely different page.
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B. Dead - nothing happens when you click on a potential connector.
C. Internal - used for navigating within the same web site.
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D. External - used to navigate away to a different site.
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E. No longer available - an expired, cancelled, removed connection. Can also be due to a broken or offline internet connection. What is a "text link"? A. These are text link examples, underlined (for ease of locating):
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B. Not all text links are underlined, depending on the programmer. What is a "text link ad"? A. Following are a few examples of text link ads: B. Layout, lines and size generally depend on the programmer of the hosting site. What is meant by "hosting site"? The web site on which the link or advertisement is listed. What is a "one way text link ad"? The immediately preceeding text link ads are each one way - from here to there only. None of those sites have any form of link on their site back to this one.

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